The Best Silk Pillowcase for Healthier Hair and Skin  - Lunalux

The Best Silk Pillowcase for Healthier Hair and Skin

Lunalux has taken Australia by storm by being the first luxury Australian brand to create a silk pillowcase and eye mask that are infused with the hydrating and moisturising ingredients of hyaluronic acid and argan oil.  

As we age our skin loses moisture, causing it to look dry, dull and tired. The Lunalux range uses a revolutionary smart technology to infuse the silk with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil which helps to retain moisture, keeping skin looking plump, youthful and bright. 

The specially infused silk increases hydration while sleeping as well as reducing friction on your skin and hair. 

Unlike cotton pillowcases which cause breakage, dryness and split ends, the Lunalux range changes the way you sleep by delivering the moisture-rich hydration your skin and hair craves for it to be healthy. 

Why Hyaluronic Acid? 

Hyaluronic Acid is a called a humectant which means that it draws water into the top layer of the skin. Our bodies are 70% water and each of our cells need water to live, thrive and function as it should. HA is hydrating and helps our skin cells to receive the moisture they need. 

When we are young our bodies produce hyaluronic acid abundantly and easily replaces it when lost, hence young skin being smooth and elastic. Unfortunately as we age, the amount of HA that our bodies are able to produce decreases and consequently the amount of hyaluronic acid that is in our skin drops significantly.

“With numerous other brands offering silk pillowcases and eye masks, I knew I wanted to bring something unique and innovative to the market. This lead to the discovery of being able to infuse fabric with certain cosmeceuticals to enhance and take those benefits of silk one step further. We spend one third of our lives sleeping in bed and it’s about time we actually make our sleep experience a priority and one of self care. ” Jenny Orenstein, Founder

 Lunalux Silk has some further amazing benefits which compliment your beauty routine.

Your skincare products will stay on your face

Cotton absorbs 27 times its weight in water, which makes it a fantastic towel but as a pillowcase? No thanks! Imagine how much of your skincare products your cotton pillowcase is soaking in!  Thank goodness With Silk, it’s a different story!  Your products will stay on your face to do their job! 

Say Goodbye to bed hair

Waking up with frizzy hair all over the place will be a thing of the past. Extend that blowdry for days! 

Hypoallergenic and breathable

Hot and sweaty has it’s place but not when you’re sleeping! Silk is hypoallergenic and breathable for both hot and cold days!

No more friction and sleep creases

Want to wake up fresh faced and glowing? Silk can help you with that too with limiting face creases and friction on your pillowcase!

Of course, our unique factor - Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil

We’ve taken things that step further and infused our products with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil using a global patented technology. Both Hyaluaronic Acid and Argan Oil are extremely hydrating, helping to moisturise dry, flaky skin, giving back to your skin the moisture it lacks to ultimately give you smoother, softer, and more hydrated skin and hair. 

We just love helping you upgrade your sleep-care!

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