100% mulberry silk infused with skin-care ingredients

Upgrade your Sleep Routine with Lunalux

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The ultimate beauty secret for women on-the-go.

At Lunalux, we're committed to transforming your sleep-care into a blissful self-love ritual. Unveil the restorative embrace of our unique pillowcases and eye masks and indulge in the soothing luxury of well-earned rest and rejuvenation.

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The Perfect Addition to Your Daily-Care Routine

The Silk Pillowcase Made for your Skin & Hair

Our products are made with 100% Pure Mulberry Silk and feature a cutting-edge, globally patented technology.

Infused with nourishing ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil, they work to moisturize your skin and keep your hair frizz-free while you sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Upgrade your beauty sleep game!

Ditch the Cotton Pillowcase

We all want to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, but did you know that your cotton pillowcase could be sabotaging your skincare routine?

Imagine spending your hard-earned money on luxurious skincare creams and serums, only to have them soaked up by your cotton pillowcase, leaving your skin feeling dry and dull in the morning.

It's as if your pillowcase is getting all the benefits while you're left feeling disappointed.

It's time to make a change and give your skin and hair the love it deserves.


The Lunalux difference

Infused with skin and hair loving ingredients

Using a cutting edge, globally patented technology, our luxurious silk products effortlessly hydrate and moisturise your skin & hair overnight. Wake up to a radiant and refreshed look every morning.

Highest Quality Mulberry Silk free of harmful dyes and chemicals

Crafted from the finest 22 Momme Pure Mulberry Silk, graded at the highest level (6A), our products offer unparalleled smoothness and softness. We use only natural, chemical-free dyes to ensure the utmost safety and quality for your skin and hair.

Naturally Anti Bacterial and Hypoallergenic

Say goodbye to nasty bacteria which can cause acne and skin irritation, dust mites, and mold with our silk products. Perfect for sensitive skin. Sleep tight and wake up feeling refreshed, knowing that you're protected from irritants and allergens.

Proudly Australian Owned and Operated

Designed and owned by Sydney based businesswoman and mum, Jenny Orenstein.

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