The Silk Pillowcase Made For Your Skin & Hair - Lunalux
The Silk Pillowcase Made For Your Skin & Hair - Lunalux
The Silk Pillowcase Made For Your Skin & Hair - Champagne - Lunalux
The Silk Pillowcase Made For Your Skin & Hair - Lunalux
The Silk Pillowcase Made For Your Skin & Hair - Lunalux
The Silk Pillowcase Made For Your Skin & Hair - Champagne - Lunalux

Silk Pillowcase Made For Your Skin & Hair - Champagne


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The 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase by Lunalux is unlike any other pillowcase you've tried before.  

Infused with skin-care ingredients. With smart technology from the Netherlands, our pillowcases are uniquely infused with hyaluronic acid and argan oil for ultimate skin and hair rejuvenation while you sleep. 

Crafted from the highest quality grade silk, our pillowcases are hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin and help to prevent split ends, hair breakage, and sleep wrinkles.

By preserving your hair's natural oils, silk can help keep your curls hydrated, defined, and frizz-free.

The perfect addition to your daily-care routine. With our pillowcase, you can say goodbye to sleep wrinkles, bedhead, and dehydrated skin. 

With a hidden zipper closure, our pillowcases ensure that your pillow stays put all night long. 

Transform your sleep-care into a blissful self-love ritual. Unveil the restorative embrace of our unique pillowcases and indulge in the soothing luxury of well-earned rest and rejuvenation - the pampering you so rightfully deserve amidst your demanding daily routine. 

Shop now and wake up feeling beautiful and reinvigorated, every day. 

Exceptional silk quality: Revel in the unmatched comfort of 100% Mulberry silk, featuring a plush 22 Momme thickness and superior 6A quality grade on both sides.

Innovative infusion: Pioneering the fusion of Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil for enhanced nourishment (effective for up to 30 washes, with continued benefits from our premium Lunalux silk).

No Slip Ups: Our concealed zipper ensures your pillow stays put throughout the night for a worry-free slumber.

Perfectly proportioned: Expertly designed with standard dimensions of 70cm x 50cm for an ideal fit.

Certified excellence: Proudly OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, guaranteeing superior quality.

Safe and sustainable: Consciously crafted without harmful dyes or chemicals, ensuring your well-being and our planet's health.

Stylish packaging: Each pillowcase comes in a beautiful gift box, making it an ideal gift for yourself or someone special.

To receive the maximum benefit from your Lunalux Pillowcase we recommend either hand washing or using a delicates bag with the gentle cold machine wash setting.

We also recommend washing your Lunalux products using a delicate silk or wool detergent that is specially formulated to be pH neutral. (These can be purchased at most supermarkets.) 

Do not bleach or tumble dry. 

We recommend hanging your pillowcase out to dry without direct sunlight if possible.

If you would like to get rid of the creases in the silk, iron when slightly damp using a cool setting and always iron inside out.  

Shipping is with Australia Post for a flat rate of $5.00 for delivery within Australia.

For all orders over $55.00 we offer FREE Shipping

All orders are dispatched within 2 days.

Please note our warehouse is closed on the weekend. 

Please note shipping times can vary based on seasonality and load however we will try our very best to be as speedy as possible! 

21 nights hassle free returns

Order today and enjoy a 21 night risk free trial of your Lunalux products. If you decide our products aren't for you, simply send us an email and we'll help you out.

Based on 57 reviews
Luna lucky pillowcases

Had theses on for a few days and can already feel the difference in my hair, I no longer wake up with frizzy hair

Beautiful quality and the size is very generous

Best eyemask!

Soft, silky smooth and great at blocking out any light. Well worth the price!

Queen type Luxury

Sleeping on these pillow cases is heavenly, I have searched high and low for top quality, Australian silk pillows in black and came across these beautiful ones from Lunalux. An added bonus is, the absolute best customer service and value for money. I've already noticed the changes in my skin and my hair (less new breakage and flyaways) I will be buying these as my gifts for all.of my special humans now and one each for the kids. The packagis as Luxurious as the product. Thank you so much

Love it, the personal message and discount you get with your purchase

Love this so much 💕…

Absolutely love this pillowcase..
You really do sleep better, as someone who has chronic neck problems I am waking without a stiff neck feels so good and I credit the pillowcase for this.Thanks so much
Kind regards, Yvonne

Best on the market!

I have purchased almost every silk pillowcase on the market. This is the one you want.. don’t even bother looking around! THIS IS THE ONE!

Beautifully Soft

There’s the most luxurious suprise in opening the box of a Lunlux pillowslip. I have three myself and have given away numerous; I feel everyone should be experiencing the bliss of Lunalux, while treating their skin and hair to a smooth anti wrinkle, anti frizz life. I love Lunalux. Great product, great service, great colours.

Twin set midnight blue 100 % mulberry silk pillow cases

My partner and I absolutely love our Lunalux pillowcases .. no more wrinkles on our faces and hair is so smooth and soft .. Highly recommend this product 💙💙

The Silk Pillowcase Made for your Skin and Hair
Nacia Hangartner
Silk Pillowcase

The best silk pillowcase I have ever bought. Beautiful quality and well made. Highly recommend

Beautiful Pillowcase

The colour is so pretty, bought this as a gift and will be ordering more for myself as it feels so luxe and love that it’s infused with hyaluronic acid and argan oil!

Blush 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil

Love it. Very comfortable to sleep on.

Soft quality for hair

Quality hair care = using silk scrunchies

The Silk Pillowcase Made for your Skin and Hair
Beauty and Luxury

Lunalux is the best in every way … service, divine products, super quick delivery, all looking fabulous. My go-to for gifts …. it’s a no brainer; gotta love that!

The Silk Pillowcase Made for your Skin and Hair
Silk pillowcase

Absolutely beautiful pillowcase will definitely order again highly recommend

Nude 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Large Scrunchie Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil
Lorraine Eckert

I love them, thought they might be fuller in size but they are great

Nude 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Large Scrunchie Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil
So forgiving to my hair!

Love this so much, I put my hair through so much with blow-drying, straightening, bleaching, you name it and yet when I use this with the pillowcase, still so soft! Love it!

Great for hair health

Love this scrunchy. Use it every night because it stops hair breaking. Lunalux has really good service and the product packaging is beautiful. Great brand.

Pearl White 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil
Beautiful Gift

A sensual, beautiful silk pillowcase infused with benifical skin oils that is good for your hair and cools your neck in the night! What more to say. Love it

Pearl White 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil
Breanna Baker
So comfortable!

Have been using my silk pillow for the last week and I honestly find it not only comfortable but my skin is also loving the breathability!

Beautiful Product

I gave this to my mum for her birthday, she always uses eye masks for sleeping. She absolutely loves it because it blocks out the light and is very comfortable she barely notices she has it on! Well done Lunalux xx

Love these scrunchies

I love these scrunchies. They are so great for my curly hair, especially at night time, they don’t leave big indents in my hair after sleeping, yay!!

Getting used to the heaviness on the eyes

My friend loves it. I bought it for her Cnrissy present as she does 16hr shifts and clocks off at 2200 and sleeps on the premises.

Nude Beauty Sleep Bundle
Alex Busch

Amazing amazing, from the customer service through to the quality. I gave this bundle to my mum for her birthday and she was beyond the moon happy and couldn’t believe how luxurious the quality is. Best gift ever!

An 8 hour beauty treatment while you sleep

Our Difference

Your cotton pillowcase is doing more harm than good to your skin and hair.

Few people know that cotton absorbs 27 times its weight in water. This might be great for a towel, but not for a pillowcase!

With Lunalux, you can get smoother skin and a much better night’s rest.

With our smart technology you'll be getting a beauty treatment while you sleep, giving you silky smooth hair and a hydrated glowing complexion when you wake up.

An Added dose of hydration

Say hello to smoother, softer, hydrated skin & hair

We’re here to change the way we sleep.

We’ve combined beauty, technology and sleep to create products unlike any that have ever been made and bring something new to the world of sleep.

We believe in being simple and honest about every product we make.

At Lunalux we're putting sleep and self care back onto the priority list.